(including medical acupuncture or redcord neurac therapy)
Hourly: $150
Assessment / 45 minutes treatment: $110
30 minutes treatment: $75

Please note that typical duration of assessments are 45min and treatments are 30min unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon prior to the session.

Physio Group Classes

Rate: $30 per 45 minute class,
Spots are limited to 4 per class; please reserve ahead of time.

Minimum 24 hours notice is required to cancel your spot otherwise a cancellation fee of $30 will be charged. Those who late cancel or no show for 3 sessions will lose the privilege of reserving a spot.


30-40 minutes: $50


Orthotics: $400
Orthotic shoe*: $500

*Price includes assessment, realignment, casting, fitting and any modifications or adjustments required to ensure the proper fit.

PST/HST do not apply to physiotherapy and orthotics.