do physio excessive sweatingIontophoresis is the management of excessive sweating usually in the hands, feet and underarms using (direct or alternating) electrical current conducted via tap water or tap water with baking soda.

Typical protocol would be 2-3x/ week with each session 30-40min, for 2-3 weeks, then gradually decreasing the frequency of sessions until once every 2-4 weeks depending on the response of each individual person.  From that point they will be on a maintenance program. Please note iontophoresis is a method of managing hyperhidrosis and is not a cure, therefore the condition will return if the client stops the maintenance program.

Should you find this machine helpful and your extended health insurance covers it, you can request a prescription from your family doctor and order a unit from either RA Fischer, Hidrex, or Idromed for continued home maintenance.

The unit used for treatment at Do Physio is a model from RA Fischer.